Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

09:52:10 AM - i had a to do list tablet and seem to have lost it. how will I know what to do?
01:02:50 PM - traveling is stressful. I should probably get dressed so something is done. leave in less than 2 hours
05:27:50 PM - Well I'm at my gate and already ate. Some stress gone
05:43:55 PM - Just boarded. I let Timmy get the window seat. We are row 19 or so
06:30:41 PM - I paid $5 for wifi on the plane. Except I just did it and now I'm about to eat my subway instead of browse the internet
08:02:48 PM - I'm getting a headache.
08:38:18 PM - I suck at life. I thought it'd be high in the low 70s and low in the 30s so I packed warmer clothes. and it is 98 degrees there!
09:19:29 PM - We landed
09:20:03 PM - @TracyMorganLove flying into Denver to hang out with @iamoddd in Leadville
09:20:38 PM - @TracyMorganLove oh I replied before I saw this
10:01:17 PM - Baggage claim takes too long
10:06:08 PM - Timmy's luggage isn't lost. Still waiting for mine.
10:07:43 PM - Have mine now too. Yay
10:23:59 PM - Gmail is broken on my phone.

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