Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:25:22 PM - My stomach must have shrunk. I can't eat as much as I used to.
01:15:46 PM - If you have a radio, you could listen to me on KDKA at 2:45. Good thing most people still don't have radios. This won't go well.
01:32:36 PM - Stupid internet. It lets you listen live to KDKA.
02:49:42 PM - Well that was scary. I was the last interview for the day.
04:52:21 PM - 7 random things about me Did you already know all 7?
11:01:13 PM - I'm so wide awake right now. I'm too used to staying up late and staying up late Colorado time.

You can find me as @smilincolleen on Twitter.

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