Saturday, August 27, 2011

North Park - 5 miles (8.27.11)

I ran today at North Park with Kelly. It felt like my legs were going in slow motion. I forgot to take water with me. I had had an energy bar for breakfast.  I napped as soon as I got home from work last night so I didn't have dinner.  I slept 10 hours total. I slept about 3 then was up for 3 trying to go to sleep.  I didn't have enough energy. Still it wasn't that bad. Kelly was feeling sick when she started and she was the one having to push me.

While running we noticed that there was some race going on. It was a 5k. I didn't see signs for it. We only ran into some of the walkers/very slow runners. I think it was for Malaria.  

We sped up at the end.  We started saying we'd go slow. Last year I would consistently do 45 minutes. I want to beat that this year. I'm not doing so well though.  We'll see how the run goes tomorrow.

And here are my standard screen shots from the Garmin.  During the run Kelly thought it wasn't beeping. It was but it was just noisier than it is when we ran at 6 AM.  She only ran once while I was on vacation. I ran twice so it looks like I wasn't a huge slacker. :) (Or maybe we're both slackers.)
We ran clockwise and ran the big hill

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