Monday, March 5, 2012


Adrienne after 10, Kristy after 15, me after 20 (with Bobbi close behind)
I woke up, got ready for my race, and headed to race.

After I was there I realized I would be up for 3 hours before racing and should have had breakfast of some sort.  Then I'd be running 20 miles with one set of gummies (Energy Chews). You are supposed to eat 5-10 each hour and I had 1 package of 10 for over 3 hours of running.

After the run, I got some water and a little bit of soup.  Not nearly enough calories at all.  Sitting around waiting afterward made me really cold. The sweat soak clothes were pretty gross and made me feel gross.
My nice sandwich for lunch (top left)
I quickly uploaded numbers but did not analyze them then showered.  That's right. I showered before analyzing. That just shows how gross I was.  I was so gross that my armband was gross from sweat for the first time.

I analyzed a bit. We watched a bit of TV while I analyzed and wrote my blog post, then Dave and I headed to the mall.  We just felt like we should go somewhere. Dave suggested the mall.  I went in about 5 stores and then we headed to dinner. I bought some stuff at Forever 21.  I bought 8 total shirts, 5 of which were cheap tank tops though.

We went to some new Chinese place, Empire Palace.  I wasn't as big of a fan. I was disappointed my chicken was dark meat.  Also all the vegetables were so coated in sauce that they were gross.  Dave's Sesame Chicken was pretty good. I kept stealing it.

After we got home, we watched Dexter until Dave fell asleep. He stopped the episode in the middle. Then I watched Cougar Tower and went to sleep.

I felt like I had a really busy day but I didn't do much at all. Walking around the mall helped with my stiffness. I wish I would have walked more.

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