Saturday, March 3, 2012

2.28 - Sick

I picked out this outfit then later realized it is the exact same way I wore the vest before. I really need to branch out. I guess at least I have on a different necklace and earrings.

I got up still semi sick with my cold. I got ready and went to work. I had 2 meetings to be there for in person and I figured I might not be that sick.
I got to work and within 45 minutes both meetings I had ended up moved.  So after I did a little bit, I packed up and went home to work.  There was no sense getting everyone else sick. Also I was a little annoying with all my sneezing.
Working was hard at home. Thinking was difficult.  I went through a ton of kleenexes.  It was nice to be able to sit at home with a kleenex in my nose. Can't do that at work.   At home, I kept drinking OJ. I opened the Simply Orange and finished it.  I never knew I could drink so much. (I didn't even change out of my work clothes. I just kept working in my work clothes.)
I worked all day but probably only got what I'd normally get done in 5 hours.  Now I feel behind.  Oh being sick is awful.  (Taking a picture of myself on the way to work with a kleenex just in my nose should have been a sign I was too sick to go into work.)

Then after work, I went to the YPE function.  It was a little different than normal. I didn't mingle as much. I was afraid to because of my cold.  A few people tried to talk to me and I was meeting Dave right then so I said I'd be back. But then I never ended up getting back with them. That bothers me.  I keep thinking about it.

By the time it was over at 9, I was exhausted.

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