Monday, March 19, 2012


I woke up and was tired. I don't like changing the clocks in the spring because I'm so tired.  But then I do like it because I like having more daylight after work. Too bad it's not a win win.
I worked. I was extremely busy.  I went to Body Pump at 5. I wasn't going to go but Jen kept asking me and then I asked Dave if I should go and he said yes.  My knee hurt pretty bad from my run with Kelly. Going down the stairs felt the worst.  I went to pump anyway and I just used lighter weights for the leg tracks.  I impressed myself at class when the instructor was going over the moves for the chest track and I thought based on the moves and the combo that the song was Right Round. Go me. First of all I don't ever know any music ever and then for me to be able to know what song based on the moves is even more of a shocker. We did a mix of old releases and I was shocked that 3 (at least) of the 10 songs were the same as what Kelly had done the previous week. They probably each know 10 more more tracks and so it was just odd to pick the same ones.

Jen and I stood and talked for probably a good 20 minutes after pump.  We have to talk when we can anymore because we never eat lunch together and we're so busy that we don't IM at work.

After all that, I went to a few stores to do some errands. I went to Staples, Lowe's, and Target.
I feel like I got home so late.  I left Target after 7pm.

I ate leftover tuna noodle casserole for dinner. We watched TV.

I wanted to go to sleep at 8:30 but watched TV and blogged a bit until after 11. Then I was really tired. Dave made a comment when he went into bed at 11:15 that I was waiting until he went to sleep. He was right. I feel like if I go in to sleep before him I'm going to sleep way too early no matter the time. Sometimes he falls asleep at 8:30 so if I went to sleep before him that'd be accurate. But then other times he's up past 11:30. (We're old so 11:30 is late on a work night.)

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