Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Poly watched me take my daily picture.

I was so busy at work. Dave and I went to DiBella's for lunch but I took my packed lunch and ate it there. We bought cookies. I ate a bunch then took the rest to my group at work.

I was supposed to give training at 2.  Around 1 PM it got changed to 3 pm.  At 2:55, I finally finished looking at the slides.  It was the first time I gave the training in 3 years.  Most of the slides were new.

After work Dave wanted to go for a walk but I ended up having to get too much done so we didn't have time. We had an NA-YGN officers team building event at 6pm.  We had dinner and did team trivia. It was fun but boy did it go late.  I got home after 10:30 PM. I was so tired.

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