Sunday, March 25, 2012


Cardigan and Shirt: Limited
Skirt: Express
Belt: Kohl's
Shoes: Kohl's
Necklace: Sears (I think)

I had to go into work for an 8:30 meeting so I couldn't telecommute. My knee was worse than any of the previous days.

Not only did I have to come into work for a meeting but I had to go to building 1 for it. I was wincing in pain as I was walking over.  It was not fun.  Then I get to building 1 and set up my laptop and the phone rings.  It was someone telling me the meeting was no longer in building 1 and I had to get back to building 4 for the meeting.  That sucked.

In that meeting, I got even more work. I'm already fully loaded.  As soon as that meeting was done, I went back to my desk to write up my performance review. I had 30 minutes until my meeting.  Most people spend hours writing up their review. I spent 20 minutes.  I knew better than to try to redock my computer or it would have wasted 20 minutes of it.  My meeting went fine but I still have to put it into notes in the system.  I just didn't have the time.  I have too many meetings that I can't get work done.

The day flew by.    As the day went on my knee got a lot better.  It went from constant pain to no pain. But because it was so bad earlier, I decided that I should not go to Body Pump.
Then I ended up staying at work too late.
On top of instead of inside the snapple box
I ordered Pizza Hut online before leaving work then went and picked it up.  The one pizza had extra sauce instead of easy on the sauce. I checked the order and I ordered it that way. Ugh.

We ate and watched TV then watched a little more TV because I needed a break.  Then I finished planning for the Stampin' Up class. I was done with all the cards and made one more box but then I had to take photos of all the pictures and put it into the tutorial. That always takes so much longer than I think.  I was exhausted by 11:30 when I was done prepping.  I didn't make time to carry the supplies down stairs.  I never got to cleaning up. I figure if it's slightly a mess, that's OK.

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