Friday, March 2, 2012

Weekday Runs - 3/26-3/30

On Monday, March 26, Dave and I went to the track after work.  It was so cold. It was around 40 degrees. We only did a little over a half mile because it was just too cold.  I forgot how to dress when it was cold because of our warm weather before.  Just remember a short workout is better than no workout at all.  Every time we went to walk, I would cover my ears with my hands to try to warm them up.  The wind was rough too.

On Wednesday, I went to the track after work because I wanted to go to Body Pump and I didn't have enough time to do the 2.5 mile loop near my house.  I went straight from the track to Body Pump.  After I ran 1 mile, I thought I had time to do 1.5 more miles but as I was running, I realized my time was off and I rechecked the clock and I just had time for 2 miles and I had to keep my pace quick.    Originally I was thinking of doing intervals where I'd run a lap around a 2 minute pace and then do a slower lap and repeat. Looks like I did all the laps at that fast pace. I guess I have to come up with new times for intervals.  It has been so long since I did them, I didn't realize.

I barely made it to body pump on time.  I was pretty consistent with my laps.  I ran in lane 5 then 3 but the distance doesn't accurately reflect that.
March 28 - Track

On Thursday, I went to the gym after work. I didn't end up running with Jen so it wasn't going to be 5 miles. I had to struggle to just get myself to go to the gym.  It was so hot in there. I hated that so I only did 2.5 miles.  If i would have ran 4.4 miles, I would have a new mileage total for the month if you counted my race on Saturday.

For the first mile I ran 6.6 mph for 2 minutes, 7.4 mph for 1 minute and repeat.  I stopped at 1 mile and got some water. Man was I dripping in sweat.  The last 1.5 miles I ran 6.6 mph for 2 minutes, 7.4 mph for 1 minute, 7.8 mph for 1 minute, and repeat.  Treadmills should be easy because it is flat but I was struggling more than I was on Wednesday and I was even going slower.

On Friday, March 30 Dave and I headed to the track to run. There was some sort of sporting event going on so we left and headed to a different track.  I ran 1.5 laps by myself and the rest was with Dave.  We ran the straights and walked the bends. We did this in lane 5 so really it was more than 2 miles.  Dave's right ankle hurt again but his left ankle didn't hurt this time. I think he did a pretty good job.   It started to rain on our last lap. I didn't run super fast on my own since the day before a race, I usually don't even workout. 

When we were running, I felt like we were going slow but when I hovered we were going close to a 10 minute pace and sometimes better. The walk was much slower than our normal walk though.  Sometimes Dave even jogged an extra 10 yards or so.

March 30 - Track
I can't believe I went to the track 3 times in one week. I'm still pretty shocked 2 of those times were running with Dave. It also makes sense that my distances were so short each time because a track gets pretty boring.
 Workout outfit on Wednesday

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