Saturday, March 31, 2012

3.16 - Rest Day

Dave was my model.
The day before a big race is rest day so I did not exercise. But I woke up near 8am and started cleaning up. I was organizing. I went into the basement and got old clothes for Dave. I did laundry.  I was on the go almost all day. I had almost 8,000 steps and the only days I get that many are days I run.  I was on my feet for many hours.  By the end of the day my feet hurt. I thought that couldn't be good for my race.  I ended up with 4:23 of physical activity according to my BodyMedia fit.
$35 for the flats, $20 for the sandals
I met Dave to shop for shoes for him and I ended up getting 2 pairs and he ended up getting none.
I made Dave try on old clothes. We made a big Goodwill pile. I also made a pile of pants that need to be hemmed. I hope I get to these while he still fits into them. (The black t-shirt photo is priceless.)

Around 7 PM we went to Campecino's for dinner.  We dined outside. It feels so crazy to eat outside in mid march. Then we went to Yum. It was 9:10 by the time we were done and Dave wanted to go to Giant Eagle. There was NO WAY I was going. I still had to prep for my race and figure out what to wear and all that stuff. Plus I had to wake up so early so I needed time to wind down.  Dave was mad I wouldn't go. I said we go could in and grab a few things but not browse around.  He wouldn't have any of that so I wouldn't go at all.
Jeans & Shirt: Express, Necklace: Limited

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