Friday, June 1, 2012

5.22 - Farewell

Cardigan and Skirt: Express
Shirt: F21
Necklace: Sears
Shoes: Famous Footwear (Connie)

I worked.

I gave a speech at the end of the NA-YGN meeting. Too bad nobody taped it because I'd like to watch it again. I congratulated the organization for winning the regional chapter achievement award then I said farewell.  The claps at the end felt heartfelt and not the standard clapping that someone gave just because the speaker was done talking.  Then people came up to me after to talk about it.   Too bad I wasn't so stressed with work and everything and too bad I didn't get to practice my speech more or the delivery might not have sucked.
(Later in the evening I checked facebook to see this status update)
Before work I took a few pictures of the house to show how muh cleaning/organizing still had to be done.

After work we watched TV. Poly was too cute on Dave.   Dave went up to bed and I watched more TV but then Poly climbed up on me so I stayed up late even later.
Look at my calorie burn. I believe I mowed the lawn in the evening.

Below is most of the email I sent out to all the NA-YGN members so not just those at the meeting heard the news.

I have been humbled for the past six years to be involved in Pittsburgh chapter of Young Generation in Nuclear, as well as serving the past 18 months as your President. During this time, our local chapter has had multiple individual Excellence Award winners and received awards for chapter achievement and chapter excellence. Every member has my gratitude for their contributions to these achievements for our organization. 

It is with sadness that I report to you all that I will be leaving Westinghouse at the end of May and will no longer be President of the Pittsburgh Chapter. I will be moving to California to pursue new dreams with my husband, David, as he starts a new position with Google. 

While I expect to continue to participate with other organizations that share some of the NA-YGN  goals of personal development, professional development, community outreach, and advocacy like NA-YGN; I don’t expect anything to be as great or as special as the time I have spent with the dedicated, passionate NA-YGN members whom I have had the pleasure of working beside.

Nicole will be replacing me, effective May 31st. Nicole has been an active member and leader in NA-YGN  over the past several years and I am excited to see what she accomplishes during her interim term as President. Please continue your support of NA-YGN during Nicole’s interim term with the same enthusiasm and hopefulness that I’ve always observed in the past.

Best wishes for you all. Always give your best, never get discouraged, and carry on.


  1. You are moving to CA?! Wow! Congrats :) That's so exciting!

  2. I'm a frequent reader, but Have never commented. Welcome to California (when you get here)! I live near the Bay Area, where Google is (Mountain View). You will love it here!

  3. Sorry, the last comment was mine!

    1. We visited there twice now. We finally found a place to live. I'm excited. I still need to find a job though.