Sunday, June 10, 2012


Dave and I woke up at 6:15 and cleaned until 7:40. Then we got ready for work.

At work  my computer wouldn't work, my 9-10 meeting ran until 10:45, and then my computer wouldn't work. It was not a fun morning.  I wanted to do some work on my Toastmasters Speech but Dave wasn't having any parts of that. We went to eat lunch first. I didn't want to. Well I left my speech notes on my desk. It was not good then Dave thinks I'm crazy for stressing.

At one point during the speech I looked down at my legs to see how bad they were shaking.

I had a CARB meeting very shortly after Toastmasters and it didn't go well. I mean it went better than normal but I didn't do all the trending I normally do.  I got criticized a lot. Their versions of definitions were not correct.  I just went with them and said that a CAD could do what they like.  The next one will sure have fun.

After the CARB, I had more computer troubles. So there was yet another wasted 30 minutes.

After work, 6 of us went to Aviva for a farewell dinner. It was really nice. Brie organized it. Then after Brie went with us to get yogurt and we talked for hours. Most of the talking was about politics and I was silent but still we were there.   Dinner and dessert lasted more than 4 hours.
Then we got home and Dave's wallet was not there. At lunch he realized he didn't have it. He hoped it was at home. It was not. Too bad we cleaned the entire house so it's so hard to find places to look. Everywhere is neat but we hid so much stuff everywhere. We also threw out a ton of stuff.  We got some garbage bags out of the trash to go through them but still didn't find anything.

I had no idea what I wore and I forgot to take my picture. Rereading what I typed for the rest of this post, I remembered wearing a skirt based on looking at my legs to see them shaking. Then I remembered the CARB meeting and how I wore my 3/4 Teal shirt from F21.  I then remembered wearing my pink skirt. I forget if I wore purple or black shoes though. But the outfit was super similar to May 3. I wore a different necklace though.
Look at my BodyMedia fit data. I labeled some things but I didn't know how to draw brackets so I drew arrows at the start and finish.


  1. Someday you might have a job in Silicon Valley and your computer will always work.

    1. Having a computer that always works will be nice. I won't know what to do with myself.

  2. It was so nice to go out with you guys, both for dinner at Aviva and for yogurt, and again to Fox & Hound. It was good to get time with you.

    Maybe I can stop by before you guys head to CA just to say hey and visit a little.

    I am hoping to be able to visit you guys in CA someday. It would be super cool to go see you there. :)

    1. It was a good time. It always is!

      You should visit us