Sunday, June 3, 2012


Shirt: F21
Jeans: Express
Shoes: Brooks
Armband: BodyMedia Fit
Cat: Animal Friends
Poly was in the sink.  Dave turned on the water. She didn't even drink it like I hear other cats do.
We had multiple appointments for showings of the house so we couldn't just ride around.  Dave and I picked up pizza and we went to the park and ate it. Poly enjoyed the park.  Since the appointments gave us ranges we weren't really sure how much time to kill.
A little bit later Dave and I went to Kohl's to look for a new wallet for him.  They didn't have anything good.  Then we went to the mall. We went to JCP first. They didn't have any good wallets. We were going to buy shorts but they seemed to be out.  So then he bought a few T-shirts. I like the new JCP pricing.  On our way out of the mall I went in F21 to find some shorts. I'm so hot anymore and don't have shorts so I wanted to buy some. I tried on orange, cherry, white, and a blue. The blue were too high cut and hit my gut too high and weren't good for sitting. The white ones were a little see through so I didn't get those.  The cherry and orange were good. They looked very similar. The cherry ones didn't look like cherry but more like orange.   I wished they had more colors in my size. They had a wide variety of colors and fits and styles but the only 2 that worked for me looked very similar.
The styles were a little different. One was a little more casual than the other. Both were a little short but maybe I'm not too old for shorter shorts.  Now I just have to figure out what to wear with these. So far I know white and blue. I want to buy some patterned shirts to match but I bet I won't.  At least shorts at F21 are pretty inexpensive. I figure colorful shorts won't be in style next year so $10-$12 is a good range to potentially only last one summer.  I do wish I had some normal shorts though. 

We ran into Paulo's wife and daughter at the mall. 
We watched TV after we got home.  We probably cleaned and did other stuff but I can't remember now.


  1. Colorful shorts will still be in style. I just kinda figured they would because they just got in style. Then I saw pictures of the fashion shows in Italy for Spring/Summer 2013 and colors are all over it. Then last night my friend who works in fashion explained to me that designers and stores love colors and are going to keep pushing them because they got as far as they could just selling people skinny jeans. And with colors, you buy 2 or 3 of the same thing and they can sell more.

    1. They do sell a lot more. I know people with the same pants in 5 colors plus the same shorts in 3 colors. I know I buy even more because I don't know how to match. But colors were in style when I was in 7th grade adn I got colored jeans and nobody else did or at least they didn't keep them after a year.