Friday, July 13, 2012


Hall progress
I started off the day only allowing myself to sit at my computer for 30 minutes doing emails to start the day. I set the timer on my phone.  This helped.  I was productive. I started documenting what time it was that I finished each line item on my to-do list.
I started doing things not on my to-do list and I thought that wasn't fair. I didn't get to cross things off.  I was also distracted finding things and then having to look at them. I did look at a ton of pictures though. What fun.  I found some old pictures of my elementary school being torn down.

While unpacking the kitchen I found some sunglasses. They aren't mine but they are very similar to ones I just purchased. They fit well too. Looks like I got some new glasses.  I do wonder how they got stuck between some baking sheets.

Dave and I went to Five Guys after he worked.  Their fries were actually perfectly cooked here. The one in Cranberry always had undercooked fries so I hated them. Dave got frozen yogurt after but I didn't want any.
 After that we drilled the holes in my bookshelf for the lamp cord and then mounted it.  Then we were off to the gym.  It was already after 8 by this point.  I started by running a mile on the treadmill and then did weights.  Dave started on the elliptical and then did weights.

After that Dave tried doing things to be productive and got annoyed with my typing so he scared me off. I ended up sitting on the floor in the hallway using my laptop because it won't get wireless from bed.  I'm too nice. I should have told him to shove it and learn to deal with typing. After all we will be sharing offices now.

I stayed up close to midnight and did some stuff with pictures.  I am so behind.  I never even typed my May 19 post or cropped those pictures. Besides that my oldest date not blogged is June 12.  I better hurry up. I'm so behind.
Outfit 1 for unpacking and outfit 2 for going out to dinner. I only swapped out the capris for jeans.
Tank: F21, Capris: Target, Jeans: Express
Lack of progress
Random Paper I found unpacking


  1. Gawd, I hate doing chores around the house. Working is so much easier than taking care of all the little details of life. I can relate to your Poly dilemna. We had our pool pump replaced and I had to keep my min pin, Kenni, inside the house for an entire day. He is usually not allowed inside. Guess what? He loved it - soft beds, window ledges, food that I dropped on the floor cooking my husband's dinner. Now every time I open the French doors leading to the pool, he squeezes between my legs and runs around the house like a maniac on speed. This will require immediate retraining. I couldn't wait to go to work today. Isn't that so sad?

    1. I hate chores too. I would rather work! Since we've been here 2 weeks stuff also needs to be cleaned. Ugh. And we aren't even done unpacking.

    2. haha about Kenni. I see his point. Inside is nice!