Monday, July 23, 2012

7.18 - DMV

I woke up with Dave again today.  This time I grabbed my laptop while he was getting ready. Poly was at my feet and I figured I wouldn't disturb her unless I had to.

I finally got up and used my computer for a little bit.
Then it was off to the DMV. (While at the DMV Dave sends me a nice picture of the fruit they have at work and you just take what you want. Jealousy)

I get there and there is no parking. I leave the lot and try to find something on the street. I couldn't find anything. I go back into the lot and finally see someone backing out. I got a spot so I can finally go in. I wait in line but the line for having an appointment. The line for not having an appointment had maybe 80 people in it and was wrapped around the building. I finally get to a teller and he can't find my appointment listed anywhere. He started to not believe me. Luckily I had the paper that the lady gave me when she made the appointment. The lady that was helping me at my last DMV appointment is who made the appointment and she printed it out for me. He saw that and even though it wasn't in the system, he gave me the ticket to wait. For those not from CA, you go to the DMV, wait in line and then get a ticket that has a letter and a number on it. Then you go sit down and wait for that to be called to tell you what counter to go to. Once it is called, you go to that counter and start doing what you went there to do. My little card said A021. They were mainly calling Fs but was hoping they'd just skip to mine since it's registration and not license. It was 10:05 when my number got called. My appointment time was 9:40. It actually wasn't nearly as bad as I thought.

I head over to window 4 and think it'll be quick since I only have to show my registration and have them pull up the smog test results. Well the lady has to redo the registration because Dave's middle initial is on it not his middle name. She fixes that and I notice a problem with the address. Then she fixes that and I ask if his middle initial has to be there. It did and she removed it by mistake when taking out his middle name. So she has to redo stuff reprint and it takes forever. The last appointment the lady only misspelled my name and fixed it then.
Finally it's all ready. Now I have to go to the car to get my PA plate to turn in. She sends me to window 25 to get the screw driver. Mind you 4 and 25 are on opposite sides of the place and you have to walk way around to get there. I go over there and wait forever since nobody is there. Finally someone shows up and said no you don't get the screw driver from her. She said I get it from the last lady I was talking to and they just had a meeting about that this morning. So I have to walk back over to window 4 and tell her this. Then she has no idea where to get the screwdrivers. While waiting I remember how I had a screw driver in the car and had just carried it back up to the apartment. Boy was I wishing I had my own screw driver.

Finally I get the screw driver and go outside and remove my PA plate. While I'm out there people are still looking for somewhere to park in the full parking lot. Someone asks me if I'm leaving. I have to tell them no. Then I go back in with my PA plate and get my new CA plates. She wants to take the screw driver back. I said "Don't I have to put this plate on the car?" So then she thinks for awhile and says yea and I have to promise to return the sucky screw driver back to her after I do it.

I put both plates on and put both stickers on. I go in and return the screw driver. Finally I get to leave.
After the DMV I head over to storage to see where our living room furniture is in the unit since we're trying to sell it on Craig's List.  Well the coffee table and sofa table are near the front which is good. They are behind the table top for the dining room table. I can't move the table top; it is too heavy.  I can't manage to see where the end tables are. I try to peak around things. I try to stick my arm around things with my camera to take pictures but still can't find them.  Now I have to figure this out before people want to buy them.  My luck is they are all messed up or ruined back there because the movers are the ones who packed the unit.  Dave and I will have to go back before we sell them. I am not looking forward to it.
I got home and checked my email. It was time for lunch. I made some tuna salad or as Dave calls it  tuna.  I gave Poly a little and she didn't even eat it all but that didn't stop her from trying to steal mine. I didn't have Club crackers. I had to use other crackers. Club are my favorite. I used 2 other kinds and one had expired over a month ago.  They still seemed alright.  I watched the local news while eating.  There is talk about some sort of tax or fee for each mile driven in the bay area. They want to reduce traffic.  They didn't explain how that would work they just quoted people complaining about it.  After it was over the Bold and the Beautiful started. I used to watch that from maybe 1995-2002 so I figured I'd see what's up.  I recognized 2 people for the entire show.  I looked some things up because I was confused and the one person I recognized had a daughter in 2002 but that daughter looked my age now (or maybe 25).  I stopped watching in 2002 so no wonder I didn't realize.  I feel like I picked up on all the story lines though.  The half hour show was over so quickly.  Also at one point there was a guy talking to a girl. She said to him "I don't know what I'd do without you." I immediately thought that they were going to kill him.  Well at the end of the episode he gets hit by a car and doesn't seem to be breathing.    Right after she said to him "I don't know what I'd do without you." he replied "well at least you never have to find out" I knew for sure that something would happen to him.
It was already 1pm and my day was wasted so I had to get up to do something.  I decided to put together the kitchen table (well I guess it's a dining room table since we don't have an eat in kitchen anymore). I moved the chairs out of the way. I vacuumed.  I put the table legs on which was difficult because the size allen key I was missing was the size I needed so I had to find another set.  Then with all that done, I realized I couldn't lift up the table. The pathways had to stay blocked until Dave got home to help.

I decided since I blocked off so much area that I would do some things on my to-do list that involved the computer.

At 5pm I zipped on over to Trader Joe's to buy some more Pub Cheese. I should have gone earlier. They were a little busy with people going after work.  Then I went to go make some collages for my blog and Poly decided to nap on my lap and use my arm as a pillow. It is hard to hold ctrl and click when 1 arm is not in use.  Poly was so cute. My camera and phone were in the kitchen. Boy was I mad. I hate when I miss out on something I'd like to photograph.

I had to disrupt Poly to go meet Dave at Baja Fresh for dinner.  There was a line but then everyone else got their orders to go. The place is always pretty empty. It's so good. I don't know why more people don't eat there.  Rubio's is right across the street and it sucked the day we went.  Rubio's was packed too.

After we ate, we set up the kitchen table.  It is too big. (It was also damaged from the movers!) Dave wants to buy a little table and put this one in storage. I think we can swap the buffet and table but still it is too big so maybe some sort of cheap table is better.  We'd keep the same chairs because he likes them but we'd put 2 in storage. I mean we'd put 2 in storage now if we kept the table.
Then we used our computers. I got up every few minutes to do something to be able to cross things off my to do list.  We never did watch TV. At 10:30 I thought Dave was going to bed so I started to get ready for bed but he wasn't so I went back to my computer. I often wonder what people do with their lives if they don't use a computer a lot of the day. I don't think I could handle it. What do you do in the evenings?
Shirt: Express - 2009
Skirt: ? - Prior to 2006
Shoes: Kohl's - 2012
Necklace: Target -2011(I think)

I really need to figure out where my tripod is. I have no idea. I also need to start using my good camera and my remote. Setting a timer leads to blurry pictures.


  1. Ok that paragraph about that guy's character dying on Bold and the Beautiful was hilarious.

    In the evenings we chase after a toddler and then once he finally gets to bed at 8pm we are able to eat dinner. By that time it is 9pm and we maybe have time for one TV show on Netflix before I call it a night. We're extremely lame.

    1. Soap operas are hilarious.

      So you never eat dinner with your kid awake?

    2. We have only all eaten at the same time like twice that I can think of. Our kitchen table only has two chairs, and one of them is used with Parker's high chair, so we are short a chair and it stinks. Also it's difficult to make Parker his dinner and have our dinner ready at the same time because he eats pretty early around 6pm. I wish we were more motivated to eat at the same time but it's just so much easier to eat after he's asleep. If he's not in his high chair while we eat we have to constantly fend him off because he's always trying to get bites of our food too.