Thursday, July 12, 2012


I keep waking up at 6:15 but going back to sleep. It is so bright that I don't sleep well. I finally woke up at 8:30.  I wasted some time. Then I got to unpacking.   We were going to go for donuts for breakfast but then Dave wanted to shower and we were unpacking some and next thing we knew it was 10:55 so Dave said it was lunch time so I did not get my donuts. :(

We tried some pizza place for lunch. You bought pizza by the slise.   Then we headed over to Saveway. I tried to limit purchases since Dave eats breakfast and lunch at work and we already had dry foods that we moved.  We still ended up spending $80.  We also limited what we bought because we had to be able to carry it all in. We had 4 canvas bags of groceries plus a 12 pack of pop.   I bought ingredients for tuna noodle casserole. I can't make it until I find any of the casserole dishes.
Then we got back to unpacking. But mainly setting up computers so that took time. The wireless wouldn't work through the computer.  Nothing is ever as quick as we think.

Around 4 PM, the one bathroom was neat. I didn't 100% finish though and put a bin back into the bedroom.  At least something is done.

I talked to my mom and dad on the phone for awhile.  We were going to go to some fancy park at the top of a mountain but decided against it.

More pictures on picasa.

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