Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I woke up to a lot of emails. I like that. But then I was still emailing back and getting new ones at 11 am so I wasted hours of my day. Poly did sit on my lap and arm just like old times. I had to type with one hand for awhile.
Around 9:30 the maintenance guy came to fix the broken outlets. After 3 guys and 3 hours they got them working.  While they were here, they had to keep turning on and off circuit breakers so it was hard to get anything done.
I did 3 loads of laundry, organized some clothes, made a goodwill box of clothes, and cleaned the kitchen a little while Dave was at work.  Poly was also a pest so I had to spend a lot of time playing with her and figuring out why she was meowing at me and pawing at my legs.
I met Dave at Baja Fresh for dinner.  Once we got home we mounted one of my bookshelves so I can now put everything back on that and finish loading it up. Now we just have one more to go. Too bad I don't have my shelf extenders yet.

I finished with some clothes and watched Hell's Kitchen with Dave.  He fell asleep but I continued to watch the rest of the episode.  I wanted to be productive after Dave got home but he was so tired.

I transferred the stuff from my to-do list for 7/9 to my to-do list for 7/10 and added new things I thought of. I have 12 things listed.  I had 12 for today and did 5 of them.  Well 1 of them I didn't have to do because they called me back after a day of my not calling them back.

I did try to do more but the contractors had the stairs blocked off so I couldn't zip down the stairs to put stuff in storage. Walking to the elevator and down and up and down wouldn't be fun so I waited it out.

I  need to figure out how to recycle around here.  I know for drinking bottles you take them certain places to get the deposit thingy back that you paid for so I don't how to recycle other things. I have some jars and some laundry detergent bottles to recycle.   I also have the 2 liter pop bottles hogging up a box in the kitchen that I need to figure out what to do with them.  Maybe I'll just stick them in a bag in the car. I tried to google a little and failed to find out.

I forgot to weigh myself and forgot to take my daily picture. Oh boy.

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