Thursday, July 26, 2012

Prices at Grocery Stores

I'm not used to paying attention to prices because I only had one choice. The only thing I had to pay attention to was which Giant Eagle might carry something if they all didn't carry it.

Recently though I thought I should pay attention since I have so many grocery stores.
Pretzel Crisps are 3.99 by the packaging but Strouts has them for 3.49.  But if you want the Value Size Safeway has them for 3.99. They are 4.99 but a dollar off. Safeway has the smaller sized ones for 3.99. Seems crazy to me.   Trader Joe's doesn't have Pretzel Crisps.
Trader Joe's has pub cheese for 3.99.  I've gotten it there twice.  Then I saw the same exact pub cheese at Safeway for $5.99.   Strouts didn't have it.   I've only been to 3 of the grocery stores but there are more. 

At college Price Chopper would have sales Buy One Get One Free and you had to get 2 to benefit. Where I grew up if they had Buy One Get One Free sales at Giant Eagle, you could buy one and it'd be half price. Safeway is like Price Chopper but they didn't even have Buy One Get One Free but Buy Two Get Two Free. How annoying is that?

I was inspired to write this post because of Grocery Chopin.
Strouts on July 19
The price of Grapes at Strouts was cheap but I didn't pay attention at Safeway.

I've taken various pictures of Limes since I've been here
Strouts had limes 5 for $1 on July 19.
Safeway had limes for $.50 on July 6 and June 20.
Target had limes for $.49 on June 23
Fresh n Easy had 1 lb bags of limes for 1.99 on June 17.  I think there were 5 or 6 limes in each bag.
Trader Joes had a 1 lb bag of limes for 1.69 on June 4.


  1. Is Grocery Chopin someone you know?

    It's an interesting blog.

    I like the stuff that you talk about the differences between PGH and CA.

    1. Yes, my brother.
      I took more pictures of stuff my first trips at Safeway and was talking to my brothers for comparison but I didn't post all that. They definitely text me back lime prices when I give them updates.