Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Random Thoughts

  1. I can't believe I live in California now. It still feels like a vacation or something fake.
  2. I'm sick of applying for jobs and having nobody contact me.
  3. I'm almost out of One Tree Hill which means in ~10 days I watched 8 seasons.
  4. I don't know how all our furniture will fit in our apartment.
  5. I've worn shorts more this summer than the previous 8.
  6. I've worn shorts more here and it's cooler here than in PA. 
  7. Most restaurants and stores aren't crazy with their use of A/C here. In Pittsburgh, I'd wear pants because when you got in A/C places it would be freezing.
  8. There is so much dining outside here and I love it.
  9. 75 degrees can be hot and sunny but 75 degrees can also be cold and Sunny
  10. I have enough junk to fit into 4 apartments but I only have 1. I am NOT looking forward to unpacking. (this picture only has about 1/4 of what is currently in the room now.)
  11. Each set of movers complained about the previous guys. Each set said they took longer than expected.  But if 1 group took longer shouldn't they all pass on the word that it takes longer so the rest know what to expect?
  12. I wonder how long it will take me to get used to the trees around here.
  13. I wonder if Poly will go back to her old self after we move out of temporary housing.  This would include sleeping on us and sleeping at night (versus now where she never hangs out with us except when we sleep where she hangs out in bed with us but she does not sleep the entire night).
  14. I should have known more about 4 because clearly everything was far from being able to fit.
  15. I wonder how long it will take for me to get used to motorcycles being allowed to drive between lanes of traffic if there is congestion.

I'm pretty sure I had different observations when I decided to make the observation post. Then it took me a day to start the post so I forgot it all and had different thoughts. 

What do you think? What are your reactions to my thoughts?  What did they trigger in your mind? 

1-9 were typed on 7/1
10-15 were typed on 7/2


  1. 1) I can't believe you live in California either. I keep on going to call and IM you at work.
    2) It drives me crazy that I can't help more with the job stuff. :(
    3) That is so much show. You should check out Eureka and Crossing Jordan.
    4) There is never enough space in an apartment after moving from a house. I can't imagine that change for us - we'd have to throw away over 75% of what we have.
    5, 6 & 7) Your shorts look tiny. I don't know how you wear them. I'd feel naked (of course, a lot more of me would hang out in shorts that short). I bet that it is super nice to be able to wear shorts if you want to, though.
    8) That I don't envy you - I hate eating outside. Bugs everywhere, breezes blowing my stuff, too bright. Looks pretty though.
    9) It has been like in the 90s in the mornings here! I am in my glory.
    10) Unpacking is horrible. We still haven't fully unpacked from moving in '08.
    11) I wonder why there are so many late movers?
    12) The trees are cool there. Does it smell different?
    13) It may take her a long while to adjust. Is she still eating okay?
    14) Hindsight is 20/20 and all. What's the square footage of the new place?
    15) That would drive me insane. I HATE when motorcyclists do that. It's dangerous.

    1. 1. I keep wanting to talk to people about work then realize it's not still my work.
      2. I've applied to a lot and nobody contacted me yet so now I want to quit. Not a good feeling.
      3. Are Eureka and Crossing Jordan on Netfix?
      4. We should have thrown away 75% of what we had especially if you go by square footage.
      5, 6, 7 I bought 3 new pairs of shorts since here and the ones above are the shortest ones. I wish they were an inch longer to cover my butt more. The other 2 pairs are longer (I'll have to tell you the dimensions later. I bought 2 pairs of shorts this year at F21 and thought they were the same (short) but realized one pair has 2 more inches of length. Looks like I'll be wearing the longer ones more. The longer ones have a dressier look to them.
      8. No bugs here. I mean I have eaten outside more than I ever did in PA and can't think of a time there was a bug. In the one Mexican restaurant there was a fly. The breeze can be annoying. 2 days ago we moved tables to get out of the breeze.
      9. It's 60s in the mornings or cooler and then goes up to 75. I'm loving it.
      10. We haven't fully unpacked from any of our moves starting in 2006. The one good thing is about 10 ft from our apartment door is the trash shoot. The bad thing is that is a small trash shoot.
      11. Well all the movers took longer than they said but also the guys yesterday showed up a lot later than they originally said and even later yet than we thought. I even helped the movers move stuff. They'd bring a dolly full into the apartment and go to get another so they could carry them where they go when they had more in the apartment but each time they came back, I'd have already moved all the boxes.
      12. Sometimes it smells different. I don't know which trees have the different smell though. I'm not that advanced.
      13. She is still eating pretty well.
      14. 1021
      15. Stopped at a red light it didn't bother me as much with the motorcycles as it did when we were going 50 in the 55... I guess that counted as congestion.

    2. 1. That is rough. :/
      2. Take a couple day break then go back to it. Review your resume and work on some draft cover letters. It is a rough market.
      3. Yes, they are!
      4. I never thought you guys had that much *stuff*.
      5, 6, 7 I wish I could wear shorter shorts. Maybe someday. The F21 ones are sooo teeny.
      8. Wow, that's crazy! It would be nice to have less bugs. At Pymatuning last weekend I got bit by a massive bug - the mark is still on my belly. Stupid bugs.
      9. Awesome! That sounds like pretty nice weather.
      10. I've never had a trash chute before, sounds convenient though!
      11. Haha. You are more efficient at moving than the people who are hired to move things. That is not really surprising! :\
      12. You'll probably notice it more if you come back to visit PA after a while. Every city smells a little different, and the trees make a big difference.
      13. That's good.
      14. Oh wow. That is super small! :(
      15. I cannot even handle them moving around when I'm in deadlocks, let alone when I'm also moving. I'd have a panic attack.

    3. I always knew we had a lot of junk. We had tons of stuff in our basement. But like what do i do with my textbooks? I already threw away all my schol folders from college even though I used to save those. I have things like porcelain dolls my grandma gave me but no place for them. I have a lot of craft stuff but once it's organized on the shelves it doesn't take up that much room.

      The shorts I'm wearing in the pic above are from Gap and they are about as tiny as the F21 ones. I have 2 other ones from Gap and they are 2" longer and I wore a pair today and they were a lot nicer. The plaid ones were on sale so I got them w/o fully analyzing them when I tried them on. They are good when I stand but if i sit then stand I have to make sure my butt is covered when I get back up.

      I'm so loving the weather. I'm still kicking myself about not running though.

      Trash chute is convenient. I wish they had a recycle one. I hate how you have to take your bottles to a place to get the money for them that you paid when you bought them. But there are other things to recycle like cardboard and paper and I wish I could throw that down a cute too. I like that the chute is a few ft away. At temporary housing it was like 30 ft down the hall. I didn't like that as much.

      I have only been a passenger so far when motocycles cut up through the lanes so we'll see if I have a panic attack but I probably will because I basically do when I'm just driving. I can put my hand on my chest and feel my heart beat. I am bad at handling 4 lanes especially if I have to make a left and get over all those lanes. Oh the stress. When I turn onto a road I try to know which way I turn onto the next road so I get in the correct lane right away. I stay behind slow people too. I don't care. I don't want to lane changing stress. Every time I'm driving I think to myself "man why can't I stop hating to drive" or "can't I be on of those people that doesn't hate driving"

  2. You will get use to #15! It freaks my parents out when they come to visit. They usually gasp and I'm like what's wrong? Oh a motorcycle. Yep another day lol

    1. I think it'll take awhile to get used to it.

  3. Some of those things make me so jealous you're in CA! The weather, the food that tends to be more vegetarian (I just like that better anyways, the fact that they don't freeze you out in restaurants so you can actually wear shorts/t-shirts... I LOVE the palm trees in your pictures!

    I hope you're adjusting ok. You look great in the shorts, so skinny!

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you start getting responses to your resume. I know how frustrating that can be. Maybe it's just a California thing, laid back, they take their time. ;)

    I think you are going to need to make a trip back to Pittsburgh next May to run the marathon. I will cheer you on whether or not I run it!

    1. The weather is so amazing. Yet I don't run. Ugh. I kind of like how it cools right off as soon as the sun goes down but then don't because evening picnics or just patio/deck parties don't go as well around here. I really do like the healthier food options. I also like the option to walk to a place to eat so it's doubly healthy. Granted I walked to get donuts today so that's not healthy. (We bought a dozen and I only ate 2.)

      I have way more pictures to upload with more trees (aka randomness) but I've been holding off until I got my computer up and working and now my laptop is our wireless so I can't even use it and am using Dave's.

      I got my scale unpacked today and I lost 1 lb. Well both scales got unpacked but one won't work. Dave lost a lb or 2. But Poly weights 2 lbs more than the Monday before we left! (unless the working scale doesn't really work of course.)

      So far I got one email from a company saying they aren't interested in me. That was nice to at least hear from them.

      I'll have to see when I'll be making trips back. I was trying to think of that myself. Wondering the best time of year to do it.

  4. I feel like you are watching way too much TV, and should be outside in the palm trees! And poor Poly :(