Friday, July 13, 2012

Short Easy Run (2.26 miles on 7/13)

I ran today. I had on my to-do list each day since Tuesday to do a 2 mile run. Originally I was supposed to run 2 miles on Tuesday and 3 on Thursday. Here it is Friday and I am just running the 2 miles.

I set out to run a nice slow run near my apartment.  My goal was 10 minute miles. I did a little better than that. The only split worse was my first split which involved opening a gate and going through it.

I ran 1.01 miles then turned around. I didn't want to risk turning around at 1.0 miles and then getting back home before I hit 2 miles. 

As I ran I felt better.  I did have to cross a street once on my way out and once on my way back.  I actually wanted to go to a park to run but I never found the park that is super close to my apartment complex.

As I was running I decided to pick up the pace at 1.75 to have a fast final split, but then I messed up a little and was going to run long so I messed up further on purpose so I'd run a little further in hopes of getting to 2.25 miles. I then had to run from 2 to 2.25 miles fast so my last half mile was faster.  I had a 2:07 and a 2:03 split.  Not too bad.  I didn't want to chance it and keep going.
I cannot get over the elevation around here. I'm not going to know how to run hills anymore.  You can tell where my speed slowed a lot when I was opening a gate a little after .2 miles.  You can also see where I slowed when I turned around right after the 1 mile mark.  You can also kind of tell the spots that I had to cross the street. The first time I had to wait awhile for the walk sign so I paused my timer. The second time I knew walk would appear right away based on which light was green.

I hope this is my shortest run for awhile and that I run 3 or more days next week.

How have you gotten back into running after some time off?


  1. Yay for getting out and running! I hope the weather was really nice.

    I don't know about getting back into running, but I always have a really hard time getting back to aerobics. Going back to weightlifting is super crazy easy for me, only takes like two weeks to get back to where I was, but aerobics are like torture. I don't have any suggestions. :(

    1. It's so easy to loose your cardio and it takes time to get back. I feel like with lifting I can jump in and out much more easily.