Sunday, October 7, 2012


I woke up around 9:30 and watched TV all day. I had leftover pizza for lunch and dinner. I also had a midnight snack of toast.

I finished Season 1 of Dawson's Creek and started Season 2. OK I got a good way through it by staying up past 6:30 AM.
I woke up around 10 then watched more TV. I only took a break to go to Panera for lunch.  I mainly watched Dawson's Creek but also watched the Steeler game.

I went to sleep around 5.

I was going to go to sleep at 2 but the show just gets better and better. I root for Pacey. I am curious what people thought throughout the show but won't let myself google too much for fear of ruining the last 2 seasons.
I watched Dawson's Creek all day.  I fell asleep near 3am.
I watched Dawson's Creek almost all day. I got out of bed before 9am. I was proud of that.  I did a few other things besides that though. I went to the grocery store. It was so bright outside I could barely handle it.  I have been closing the blinds in the living room to see the TV better so it hasn't been bright at all during the day.   I watched Big Brother and Rachel Maddow with Dave after we had dinner so I didn't get back to season 4 soon enough.  I watched almost all of Season 4 in a single day.

It's funny in TV shows you can't have the people you want together to be together because then there is no conflict and you need some conflict to make the show good and have people keep watching it.  I won't google anything about the show for fear of ruining the later seasons.   So far for a couple seasons I've been rooting for Pacey.  I wonder what will happen.  I'm intrigued to see how Season 5 is when they are off at different colleges. According to all other high school shows they always have some magic college that most of the cast goes to.


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    1. I used to at the gym back in PA when I could hear the TV with headphones. At the gym here, it is too hard to hear even with the sound way up. I also used to watch TV when I had an exercise bike at home.