Saturday, February 22, 2014


Ella did not want to sleep. I did not appreciate this. We were up from about 2-4am. We also got up for the day at 8am. One of her naps lasted 7 minutes too.
When I hold her on my shoulder, she hugs me. I love it. The hug is getting a little tighter each day.

We walked to Safeway for the first time. She napped most of the time. She napped in Safeway too which was nice. She woke up about .15 mi from our house.  The walk was 1.6 mi. (I thought it was 1.7 because that's what I saw on my strava but then when it saved it said 1.6) When we were going onto the porch she pulled her hat down. Too bad I was slow with the camera so she was done pulling by the time I took the pic.
I got her to sleep minutes before Dave got home from work. He didn't even get to see her. She finally slept. I wanted to bathe her and stuff but I wasn't about to wake her up. I got to eat without holding her or dealing with her crying. I got to use my computer a tad too. I even folded laundry.

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