Sunday, February 23, 2014


I had a little photo shoot with Ella. I always try but don't always succeed.  So I have 24 flower headbands. There were 12 different ones but since I don't know how to match most never get used and also I barely ever put them on her.  Julie gave these headbands as a shower gift. I painted the onesie. I really like it. I should have made more with the camera in other onesie sizes.

We tried to go for a walk but got outside and it was raining/sprinkling. We headed back inside. But then I carried her outside and we stood in the rain. She liked it.
It stopped raining so we went for a walk in stroller. It was a little chilly and I wanted to see how her hounds-tooth pants fit. They are a bit short. I knew once I was outside, she'd have on a blanket so I didn't worry about matching. My brother said he never saw anyone match less.  My mom made the hat (and blanket shown below.) Dave's family got her the pants.
This is what she would look like to anyone who saw her. Nobody could tell that her socks didn't match her pants or her hat or that her pants didn't match her hat.

 She fell asleep by the end of the walk.

At one point the landlord and plumber were outside talking. Ella was super fussy inside. I went outside and we joined them. She was so happy. Later the landlord came in and I was talking to him. She was so happy she fell asleep. She really likes to be in the middle of talking.
Ella is always breaking out of her swaddle. She loves being swaddled but also loves to free her hands. Too bad when her arms are free she startles herself awake so she needs to be swaddled.


  1. Thanks for the mention! :) I always get happy when I see the headbands and the monthly stickers in your pictures. Parker always broke out of his swaddle too. I can't remember when we finally gave up on it. The only thing he couldn't get out of was the woombie. But then he was upset and cried because he couldn't get out, so it was a lose/lose for us.

    1. See Ella wants to get out and tries but if she's not swaddled she wakes herself up after a second or 2 with her startle reflex. The doctor seemed shocked how much she gets startled.

      If i wasn't so behind on posting or didn't end up with blurry pictures those headbands would be in more photos.

    2. Oh I hated the startle reflex!

    3. How long did the startle reflex last for Parker?