Sunday, February 16, 2014


Ella slept really well so I was very rested.
She woke up to eat timed perfectly with Dave getting ready for work. Then we hung out with him and he left for work about 30 minutes later than normal.  We did tummy time and she was very pleasant.

At 9:30 she went back to sleep for an hour.  Then at 11 she went back to sleep for 2.
The landlord and plumbers were here at noon. We were getting an estimate for the leaky shower faucets.  Then the landlord starting taking apart everything himself. He asked the plumbers if he could get the parts and just pay them for labor. I heard that even though I was in the other room. The landlord wanted to do it that way. He wants to try to fix things himself. If he can't, then he'll call them Monday. He also spent time taking down a ceiling fan he was trying to install Monday and Wednesday of this week. He installed a new ceiling light since I told him he could just put a light in instead of a fan/light because I didn't need a fan but just didn't want a dangerous one.  He put the new ceiling light way off center in the room. I'm pretty sure it's going to drive me crazy.   He finally left at 5:30.

Brenna came at like 1:30.  She left near 5:30 too.
I went for a walk with Ella in the rain around 1:45. It was a little chilly and since I was wearing her versus pushing her, we just did .6 (or .7) mi instead of longer. She fell asleep on the walk but woke up shortly after I got home.
I made myself some instant mashed potatoes for lunch. I had leftover KFC potatoes and a lot more leftover gravy so I figured I could make potatoes and then use gravy.   I was able to cook and eat because Brenna was holding Ella. Well Ella was asleep on Brenna. This was during the time that Ella couldn't sleep in her crib.
Dave got home from work so late, I was starving. Poly was starving too and quite annoying about it. Ella was asleep on me so I wasn't getting up to feed Poly or get a snack for myself.  At one point they were both asleep on me.
Dave got home near 8 PM.  Ella ate a ton around that time. I couldn't believe it. She also cried because she wanted more food faster.  Finally she went to sleep at 9:30. I should have gone to sleep then but wasted time on my computer past 11:30. Then I was up past 12:30.  I hate when I get a second wind when I don't need one.

There are plenty more pictures!


  1. Your hair in that side braid is really flattering. It looks nice on you.

    1. Thanks. I just got it at a good angle and it didn't stay. I was always redoing it because hairs from the right side would slide out.

  2. Aw she's getting so big. And I second Julie, I really like your hairstyle in these pictures. And love the umbrella pictures.

    1. Based on what Julie said I tried to do it again. Hair kept coming out. I bet I used dirtier hair here for it to stay.

    2. And thanks. Sheesh. I type poorly on my phone.