Sunday, February 2, 2014

January Outfits

This is a nursing tank from Target. I discovered I love the nursing tanks that you just pull fabric down. When I have to pull fabric up, it keep stretching out all my shirts and it gets cold.
The purple dress I've had for years. I thought of wearing it because someone mentioned it was like a maternity dress and I thought of how the neckline was so big that I could pretend it was a nursing top. It worked well. It was still big and I had to make sure my bra didn't show. I used to wear it with a lace cami.
I wore this but briefly. It was too hard to nurse in.
This tank is a tank top I bought at Target a few years ago. It sure stretched out as the day went on because of nursing. I took these pics right after I got dressed. The side profile shows how I'm fat. You can also see the love handles in the pic from straight on.
This is the nursing tank I bought while I was still pregnant. It was on clearance for 5.08 and  I didn't try it on when I bought it. It was slightly tight showing off my love handles but pretty good. It's my favorite because the  wrap neckline has material under it so I'm not a big hussy.
Here I am wearing the same black nursing tank again.
This black maternity shirt is from Old Navy. It ended up not working well and stretching out a lot. Each time I lift it up to nurse I'm stretching out the material. I don't lift my shirt gracefully. I probably shouldn't have slept in it and wore it for as long as I did.

I have a white nursing cami. I love it too but you can see through it too much. I wore it days I didn't get dressed. I can layer with it but it was always dirty from wearing it days I didn't get dressed.

When you nursed did you buy any nursing specific tops?


  1. I bought some nursing tops specifically for nursing. That's all I wore for awhile. I used to prefer the ones that you pull down from the top but after I (finally) lost my big stomach I started liking the opposite. I feel more exposed if I nurse with the top pulled down. If I just pull up my shirt from the bottom, Neil covers that area so you can't see anything and I can pull the top of my shirt over his face so you can't really see anything. So now I wear a nursing bra and normal clothes. I just nursed Neil on our cruise, on a boat excursion, and lifted the shirt I had on that day.

    1. At home is when I hate pulling my shirt up. I always sit down with Ella on the boppy before realizing then have to tug and the shirts get so stretched.