Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Dave gave me a very nice necklace for Valentine's Day.

I ate leftovers and at one point had a cat on me and at another point had Ella on me
Dave went into work today for a little over 3 hours. When I went to pick him up, Ella went inside.  She got her first google guest pass. Many people met her. She got cranky after about 20 minutes and then as soon as we got outside she fell asleep while we were walking to the car.
We took some 8 week photos.


  1. Love the family pictures!!! You're all looking great. Beautiful family.

  2. Thanks. Tell Dave. I want him to comb his hair for some pictures more often but he just doesn't ever want to. (BTW his back was really hurting in these pics but he still held Ella for a few because it's always so cute when he holds her)