Friday, June 20, 2014


 I wore Ella facing forward since she's a big girl now.
Ella's 0-6 month hat is still way too big.
Ella is starting early being a nerd! 
And she likes it. 
 Oh and she wear's nerdy shirts too.
Ella really wanted my food.
She had a blast in Target being worn. She likes it way better than that stroller with the carrier in it.

We fed Ella baby-food for the first time. This isn't the "best" picture but it shows that I was taking pictures with one camera and holding another to take pictures.
Ella loved the food. She also grabbed the spoon with her left hand all the time. Maybe she will be left handed. We started with sweet potatoes. We gave her 1/3 of the assisted sitter container. She wanted more.

If I wasn't so behind I'd probably elaborate on all this stuff.


  1. Solid food, yay! I love the pictures of her in the carrier.

    1. Ella loves her food
      She loves being worn so I tend to get pics. Most are selfies and not as good so not posted as often.