Monday, June 30, 2014


 I woke up when Ella was awake but hadn't cried yet. It was nice to greet her.

Ella napped at 8 for a half hour. 

At 9:30 she wanted to nurse but cried.

She took a long nap in the afternoon. I mean a really really long nap. She napped 3 hours.  But then she wouldn't go to sleep later.

I already posted about some photos I took of Ella.
It was Bike to Work Day so instead of going to work from the dentist, Dave came home and biked in.
Ella drank from the cup. She liked it because she was teething.
She wanted more!


  1. She has the best smile!! I love that you're giving her a cup. You will be so thankful later on that you don't have to wean her from a bottle or a pacifier.

    1. We use a cup or sippy cup. Cup is more effort on my part. Also more ends up on her shirt!

      People keep telling us how we'll be glad about the weaning. But I saw what magic a pacifier makes and kind of wish we had that magic the past 6 months.

      I'm so thankful almost daily that I thought of using a snack cup without the lid for a cup to drink from. The handles are great for Ella. I've also kept a cup in her diaper bag and it worked great. After our run the one day I poured some of my water into the cup for her to have a sip. She just wanted my water so then she got some. I think it contributed to her being pleasant on the drive home.

    2. I'm coming from the other side of the pacifier thing. Parker is 3 and refuses to give his up at night. However yes it was nice back in the day. And I guess it still is since it helps him sleep. Whatever works!

      I didn't realize that cup was a snack cup! You are a genius.

    3. THANKS! It's one of those ones that has the lids that a little hand can fit in to crab a snack but no snacks fall out. I actually went to Babies R Us since my discovery to see if they sell real cups with handles and the store didn't have any. I'm not sure it'd work w/o the handles.

      I am kind of glad to not have to wean the pacifier or bottle. But Ella is still super upset when someone else has to give her a sippy cup if she is home. It makes me really never want to leave her.