Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Citrus Lane May 2014

We got out first Citrus Lane box in May. I signed up for a full year and they had a special. I think it came out to $17/mo. While opening it, I did not think it was worth it this time. I didn't need a tiny snack pack or foot wipes for me. We already have 2 stroller hooks so that wasn't necessary. If we didn't already have enough hooks it might be good.

But then Ella loves the puppet. She kept talking to it. I wouldn't have thought of one on our own so maybe the idea is worth the money.  She doesn't care about the wood rattle yet but maybe she will like that eventually.  I ate the snacks.  

Here's the descriptions of everything and prices if buying each item.

Ocean Pals Puppet from Skip Hop - $11.50 and Amazon Prime eligible
Klick Klack from Haba - $9.49 and Amazon Prime eligible
Mommy Hook from TOMY - $6.99 and Amazon Prime eligible
Fresh Feet Wipes from Jasmine Seven - $3.33 + shipping (or $7.27 on Amazon)
Snack from Back to Nature - $1.22 / oz + shipping
25% off from
20% off coupon code for and 20% off Back-to-Nature
There was also a 20% off for Citrus Lane for Mother's Day.

$32.53 if I can add. I didn't count coupons.

I guess for what is being used or I will use, I got my money's worth but I don't feel like it's that good. I'm hoping for a better one in June.

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