Tuesday, June 17, 2014

6.13 Photos

I took some photos of Ella. I always seem to be doing it. She's changing all the time. I should compare all my photos I take. Now she can sit so it makes it easier to get super cute pictures.
I like dresses with the built in onesie for 2 reasons. One is demonstrated by the above photo. Ella likes to lift up her dresses and tries to make herself into a hussy but with the onesie fabric, she's not exposing her belly. The other reason is just that they are easier for changing her diaper.

I just took these in our back yard. Imagine if I went somewhere pretty. You can see how part of the fence doesn't even match the rest. The tree has weeds all growing around the trunk. Even with all that, I love these pictures.
Sorry for the picture overload. I just liked too many.
Ella is modeling her swimsuit too. Too bad her sunglasses aren't blue or red. It seems like everything else is red, white, and blue.


  1. Yay! She's sitting on her own! I love the pictures with the glasses. And I didn't notice the fence until you said something. :)

    1. She hates the sunglasses on. Luckily I was ready for that and snapped a couple pictures before she took them off. I wasn't even selective. I included all with that.

  2. Okay these could not be cuter! She is SO adorable!!! Favorite picture is third one down :) I also love the sunglasses. What a sweetie.

    1. You like how she tries to make herself a hussy!!!
      I have a lot more of those but not with a face that happy.