Saturday, August 16, 2014

August 1-10 Outfits

I liked this outfit a lot less after seeing the pictures. I wish the shirt was a bit longer. A colorful bubble necklace would have made this outfit better but I don't wear any of the necklaces that I have.
This outfit seems less cool than when I wore it too. I wish the cardigan didn't open as much as it does at the top. I'd like it more if the cami strap was hidden.
 This is a new shirt. I like it. I feel like it makes me look a little heavier in the belly since it's so loose.
I was partially dressed and never made it any further. This was the nursing top I slept in. I like the brights so it's just funny that's how it worked out.  I wore my pants too many times without washing them so they were really loose in the waist. They were not loose in the calves. I swear the tightness in the calves are what tries to pull my pants down.
I started with the turquoise shorts but they were too tight for moving all around so I put back on my trusty jean shorts.  I wear the jean shorts practically daily. Even days I'm wearing other clothes, I usually put on the jean shorts. I like them better than pajamas because they have pockets for my phone.
This is the top I was going to wear on 8/7. From this angle the pictures look odd and you can't see the yellow in the shirt.  Dave took these and he's so tall so they look so weird to me. This is the 2nd new shirt I got at Kohl's.
I had Ella pick out my shirt. She picked this. I didn't want long sleeves so I tried to have her pick again. She kept picking this. I took it out of the closet then had her pick. She picked something else. Then I put both on the bed and had her pick and she went back to this one. So I wore it!

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