Saturday, August 2, 2014

July 21-31 Outfits

 Ella and I wore our coordinating shirts when we went to our running meetup.
 I didn't used to like this shirt but I wore it recently and like that it's v-neck so I can easily wear a nursing cami under it and it looks like it was planned and not done out of necessity.
I wear these shorts all the time. I have to force myself not to wear them. They are so comfortable and I love having pockets.
I wore this nursing top but mainly wore this outfit to do a comparison of when I wore it about a year ago with the yellow pants. I didn't look at the old picture yet but I will and will make a comparison collage.  It got hot so I didn't wear this all day but in the morning I did.
I had a doctor appointment so I dressed more like a real person. In that picture on the right I feel like my ankles and legs look so fat. It's just a bad angle but it still doesn't look goo.
Since Ella was involved I took too many pictures so I made two collages.
 I managed to squeeze into these old shorts! I bought them when I first moved to CA.
At Kohl's, Ella was so pleasant so I decded to walk through the clothes. Ella was so helpful and helped me buy some clothes. This was the second thing she approved. She got so excited about this shirt I knew I had to have it.  I didn't try it on at the store.
 I'm getting lazy with my outfit photos!
 This is another maternity shirt.
Here I am wearing the shirt Ella picked out again.
Here's the second shirt Ella picked out.  I like it but if I would have tried it on at the store, I wouldn't have bought it. It's too low cut and as soon as I move, my bra is trying to show. I can pull the top back a little to look more presentable but it moves. It did work out well for nursing though.

Update: I had pics from 7/31 so here they are


  1. Still love the coordinating running shirts. Those shorts are really flattering on you, so don't feel bad about wearing them often. I love that Ella helps you pick out clothes.

    1. They do fit great! Dave told me to buy new shorts but I don't think I can get some so good so I don't even look. I also think I have 2-3 pairs of shorts somewhere around here that might fit if I could find them. I haven't worn them since before I moved so even though I've been here a year I'm not sure.
      Some of my shorts are too short though. With super long legs short shorts look like super short shorts. I even wish the jean ones were a tad longer. I could unfold that fold but i like how that is and that crease is probably there to stay now that i've worn them a million times now with it like that.

    2. Ella's running tank is still too big so it should fit her at least 3 more months I'd say maybe 6 or more but I still feel like that is too short so I try to put it on her when I can.

      Ella picked out another shirt at the store but it was too tight in the chest and way too big in the belly. It'd make a good maternity shirt I think. But since I'm not wanting to look like it's a maternity shirt, I didn't get it. Some days she helps me pick clothes out of my closet and some days she helps me buy clothes at the store.