Monday, January 12, 2015


Ella woke up near 6:30 again. I don't like that as a wakeup time. She should sleep in more.  We woke Dave up at 7:30.

Ella and I ran at 9. Ella fell asleep again. I think she loves the cooler weather. I ran extra with Kathryn. We were talking about distance running and she was asking me questions and I wasn't even paying attention to the streets we were on because the discussion was so good.

Ella woke up when I stopped running when I was near Kathryn's house when she ran in to get some snacks for Ella to try.

We did normal stuff until she  napped a little bit after 2.  I had such a headache.  I wanted her to go to sleep sooner. At one point I decided to lie on the couch. I rad to her but then I dozed off. I woke up 2 minutes later with more books on me and her tool box.

I failed at getting her in the crib twice. Then I'd pick her back up. Luckily I got her in the crib the third time. She did sleep a couple hours. I watched a TV show on the couch to get to relax a bit. My headache went away. I had taken medicine so I guess it helped.  Then I was productive even though I didn't want to be.  Ella woke up at 4:53. (I didn't get her in the crib until after 3.)  We had a meetup to go to from 2-5 and we clearly missed that.

Ella and I would do laps around the house.  She loves to hold my hand and just walk all around and check out every room.

Ella was all cranky and at my legs and crying and pointing.  Then I picked her up and she was pointing to the screen like she does for a hangout. I asked her if she wanted one with Grandma and she nodded so I called my mom asking if she was near a computer and wanted to do a hangout.  I think we ended up being on for almost an hour. Ella cheered right up.  She loves hangouts.

We had pizza for dinner.  Dave and Ella played while I clean up.

Ella went into her crib awake and didn't fall asleep for 45 minutes. Usually if she's awake that long, lots of crying was involved but not this time. She was playing and talking the entire time.

Around 9 my mom wanted to do some tests with hangouts on different devices because sometimes sound doesn't work.  After I rebooted my mac worked again and then we were on a hangout for 50 minutes just talking.  I cleaned up, swept, and mopped after that.  I did some stuff on my computer and went into bed by 11:30.  Then I fell asleep playing Threes.  That's a fun game.

I got down 18 mo size onesies for Ella to wear and started to put up new ones.

New discovery :(

Just wanted to chill with Dave
Scrappy Cat wasn't fully put in the drawer!

Learned how to work a zipper

Pulled her lovey through her crib

Saw the water table
 I ended up pulling the water table down. It was dry anyway. She played with the stuff without water!

Walking around


  1. She's really on the move now. I love it. I also like that story involving the google hangout cheering her up. And seeing Scrappy Cat! :)

    1. Really on the move. Still prefers to walk holding my finger to by herself.