Thursday, January 29, 2015

2015 Running Goals

Screen Capture from a video of my 10k finish on 9/13/14
For 2015 I am going to make my running goal to run 38 miles per month with a reach goal of 42 miles. I decided this probably the first week of the year but didn't post it. I'm transitioning my running excel file to a google spreadsheet instead of Excel so I have to redo the equations and stuff.  So I should have a minimum of 456 miles this year or 504 with my reach goal. I know a few months will have 10 or more bonus miles so I hope I can get even more.

I would like to run at least 2 races. I would really like to do 1/month but that will never happen so 2 for the year is a good enough goal.

Dave said he would take running pictures of me while pushing the stroller and he hasn't yet so I need to get some of those this year too!

I will do other things but don't have goals about them. We go on a lot of walks.

What are your goals?


  1. I think those are really reasonable goals, especially considering what you did last year.

    My goal is to get back into running somehow with 2 kids and being in a new place with no running buddies. ;)