Monday, February 16, 2015


Ella woke up in the middle of the night.

Then Ella slept until close to 8.

Before Dave left for work we snapped a few pictures since Ella was so dressed up.


We got ready and chilled out and had time to kill. She ate breakfast.

Then we went to Charlotte's for some pictures. It was a little challenging with 2 kids that can walk but I think they turned out so well with 2 kids feeding off each other. I can't wait to see the pictures.

On our way home we stopped at Gio's parents so they got to say hi to Lily.  Ella fell asleep on the way home. She slept 12 minutes.  Then she got back and nursed but did not go to sleep. She was wound up for about 15 minutes and then the awfulness started.   I tried all my tricks. I couldn't get her to sleep. She cried a lot. I even tried to put her in the crib awake since at night she does that but that didn't work either.  Finally close to 4 PM I got her to sleep but only on me. I had a few failed crib attempts.  Finally at 5 I got her in the crib.    I had to wake her near 6 because we had to go get Dave.
She was pretty tired in the car but started to wake up. She had dinner with us and while she was eating all of a sudden she got cranky and then she never recovered.  We tried bedtime routine and she just wouldn't go to sleep. There was so much crying. I tried to wait it out. But that did not work.  I got her. I fed her. We gave her a sip of apple juice but she didn't like it.   Then she was back in the crib. She didn't fall asleep for the longest time and cried a lot.  Finally at 9:37 she fell asleep.
Ella thought clothes were optional

I caught Ella and Lily holding hands in the car.

 Ella got in Charlotte's house and just opened her cupboards first thing!

Ella when I took my daily picture
I took some photos with my phone during the photo shoot.  Here are a few of those.

Ella loved this rocking chair.  She touched her toes off the ground to rock.
Ella was always trying to be a helper.

Ella sat very nicely beside Charlotte for a good 10 minutes while Lily was having her picture taken. She was such a good assistant!
Ella stayed in the basket all of 2 seconds. I knew she wouldn't last. She didn't stay in a basket when she was 6 months old and she was even less mobile then.

We discussed bringing toys for them to play with. Of course I brought books. Ella had fun showing Lily the different books.


  1. VERY cute! Were these part of her 1 year photos, or just something extra? I love the clothing optional comment. Hope Ella is feeling better!

    1. Extre. The photographer wanted to use the flower backdrop again. I asked if we could come again for cheaper price since she wasn't wll smiles the last time. Then I got sick so we had to move it then Gio got sick so we had to move it.