Thursday, October 29, 2015


Ella woke up at 4:20.  It was freezing in the living room. The thermometer said 66 but it was cold. Ella's hands were blocks of ice. Eventually I went and turned the thermostat up 3 degrees.

She started her first nap by 7.    We went to run at 9.  We got home at 11:30.

We had a google+ hangout with my mom.  Ella and I napped 2-4ish.

We had a google+ hangout with my parents, picked Dave up, got In N Out, ate dinner, got Ella to bed.  She stayed up until 7:40.

Ella was actually quite pleasant the entire time we were at the park so she had so much fun with Gio. Usually she ends up giving a little cry over something or other and isn't happy.

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