Saturday, October 31, 2015


Ella woke up at 6:20! It was probably because she was up late.

I read her books and she said "again" to read her favorite book again. I asked if she wanted me to read it again and she said "yea."  We read it 3.2ish times then I stopped.

I had onesie painting where other moms and babies came. I had it scheduled 9-3. The first first showed up at 9:50. The last person left around 5:30. It was a long and tiring day but Ella was behaved and so were all the babies. That has not happened yet and I've hosted a few of these.  Overall I made 3 onesies. I had to trace and cut out the images too. I also helped someone new to this make 4. I think the others made 3 - 4 each so that's pretty impressive.  A few cancelled last minute so maybe it was good to have fewer.

Ella napped for 2.5 hours starting at 9:45 but then didn't nap again at all!  She was even yawning but I didn't just put her in her crib. If people are over, she just wants to socialize and won't go to sleep.  So as soon as everyone left she nursed a lot and went to sleep for the night.

Dave and I "worked" on my website. After 2.5 hours we accomplished nothing! We were trying to switch it over to Java and start over but gave up on that when Android Studio would never even work. Then we tried fixing the old site since I can't upload pictures anymore.

After giving up we decided to watch 1 TV show. We watched the Daily Show and when I woke up, the show was over and Dave was also asleep on the couch.


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    1. All the blue ones a friend made for her daughter and the cousins.