Thursday, October 1, 2015


This is the collage that google thought showed the highlights of the day. Shakeology seems to be in half of them.

Ella is a shakeology thief. I tried to make her one but then she wanted mine. Then she would spill so I had to use a 3rd cup. So much extra work and the same result as 1 cup. She had it and I had to sneak sips from her.

I turn my back to do dishes and this is how she eats her yogurt.

 Google made a movie from the videos I took.

I pulled out a night gown that we bought Ella before she was born. She had to wear it. It's huge. 3T. Now her doll has a matching night gown too.


  1. That yogurt mess, oh my gosh.

    1. She's a messy little nugget at times. And so neat at others.