Friday, October 2, 2015


Ella woke up at 7.

We went to a birthday party at 11. Well we were a little bit late.  I let Dave sleep in since it was his birthday. He didn't feel well so that was nice rest for him too.  Then we had to get ready and shower and it took a bit.

Ella ended up falling on a plastic container and cutting her arm. The cut is a couple inches long. I washed it and put a bandaid on. The bandaid didn't even last 1 second. So then I taped around the bandaid too. She worked on getting some tape off but using 5 pieces helped.

We went swimming.  Ella had fun but she gets cold easily. I keep telling her to move around but she's not so good at that. She loves the water though.  Gio came in for a bit so she got to hug him in the pool too.  It was a little bit still before we ate lunch. Ella and Gio played for a bit.

We ate. Ella was already pretty tired at this point so she was dropping all the food. The fruit was slippery though. She did eat hot sausage which surprised me.

Then there was a pinata.  We tried to leave before the pinata but ended up staying because Beth talked us into it.  Then there was ice cream cake. We were there entirely too long then. We left near 2:30 and Ella fell asleep right away in the car. She didn't make it through the transition so she only napped 10 minutes.   That meant the entire day was pretty awful.

We tried to all cuddle in bed and watch a movie. I watched it (High School Musical), Dave fell asleep, and Ella kept playing and getting up and doing all kinds of stuff.

We started bedtime routine at 7 but she didn't even fall asleep until 8.

At least I got to watch TV for a bit at night.  Dave and I watched Better Call Saul.