Saturday, October 3, 2015


Ella woke up and the day was normal. Ella did let me be pretty productive in the morning.  We left to go to a few stores and get lunch but she fell asleep on the way so our plans changed.  So then I ran in Target while Dave stayed in the car with her.  Then we went to Jersey Joe's and ate some of that food in the car.  She woke up before we got home. She wouldn't go back to sleep.  She was so cranky all day. She needed to nap longer but didn't.  It was just an exhausting day.

At one point I was sitting on the floor with Ella. We went to get up. She didn't want to. She sort of jerked her head and that hit me. She hit my cheekbone and it hurt so bad. I iced it after a minute but it was already bruised. I iced it for about 2 hours with only small breaks.   Then Ella sat beside me on the couch. She went to unplug my phone from my cord.  She shouldn't be touching cords but I didn't stop her soon enough. Well she unplugged it and it flung her arm because it unplugged so well.  And it hit me right in the same cheekbone. That brought tears to my eyes it hurt so bad.  Both times were an accident. Parenting is dangerous.

Oh and the pool I left outside and the balls, got ruined. Poor Ella. I guess the squirrels did it when it was so hot.


  1. Parker accidentally injures one of us nearly every day I feel like. Boys are so rough. Tanner especially gets hurt often because they're always wrestling and play fighting.

    1. I Feel like I'm so dang old every time she does it because I get hurt and it lasts a week. She hit my eyebrow bone 4 days ago and mine still hurts.