Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Ella slept in until 8. Dave noticed her awake before she cried so he went in to get her. She did not want to get out of her crib so she cried. I enjoyed sleeping in. Poly did wake me up in the night. I didn't have a spot for her like what she wanted.

We went running at 9:15 so we had to get ready quickly. She had cereal and was eating so well and then I leave the room to go get dressed and come back and she peed!

We ran with someone new today. Kathryn met her last week on a walk. She has 2 kids but only ran with one today. We both had orange BOB strollers.  Ella was surprisingly good on the run but she did throw a snack cup and throw a water cup during the run.

After we got home we tried to call my mom for a hangout. We did that hangout 15 min later for probably over an hour. Ella ate while we were on it. Then she was throwing food and playing instead of eating so I knew she was full. She got a shower after. I wasn't going to wash her hair but since she was in a swimming pool yesterday and hadn't showered I figured we'd wash it. She impresses me. I asked her if she wanted to walk under the water to get her hair wet and she walked right under.  Then when it was time to rinse I asked her to walk under again and she does. She's so good with the water on her face.

She was crying and whining a lot and I knew she was tired. I usually try to calm her first before going in the crib but I just couldn't manage. I put her in her crib. She fell asleep in 7 minutes!

I was hungry her entire nap but decided to clean. I spent some time cleaning the bedroom then went to eat. I instead cleaned the table, swept the floor, and mopped the floor instead.  I was starving so decided to make some weenies and beans. I finally get it made and fill my bowl and sit down and I hear Ella crying. She had been awake for a bit but I didn't hear her at first.

We both eat. She liked them a lot. She liked eating from my bowl. She missed her mouth a few times with stuff. One time she took a huge big and spit it out and said "hot."  She had baked beans all over her. I tried to wipe her down but decided another shower was needed.  She was fully showered but wanted more so I put some water in her tub and she played in that a bit.

We played outside. We listened to music on her ipad. We waited for Dave to get home.  He left work about 40 minutes after he told me he'd be done in 10-15 minutes!

Then we all hung out.  Close to 8 we did bedtime routine.  She eventually went in her crib then took 40 minutes to fall asleep!  Dave and I watched Big Brother and then I cleaned and did things on my computer while he played TF2.


  1. Ella loves putting stuff on her head haha.

    1. She does. She likes hats since she can put those on herself.