Monday, October 12, 2015


I got Dave to drink a shakeology. I made chocolate for the first time. I did chocolate with peanut butter and milk. He loved it. He said it tasted like a peanut butter cup. He couldn't believe it was healthy.

Ella and I went running at 9. At 10:30 we went to Gio's so I could watch Lily and she could run to the store.
Ella had some strawberries and tomatoes at Gio's.

I had Ella draw a pretty picture for Dave. (I forgot to show him though.)

We had leftover chicken with bbq sauce and mac n cheese for lunch.  I made Ella put up with me cleaning up after lunch. It was so nice just to have it done. Nothing was 100% though.

Ella napped. I ate and used my computer during nap. I never get as much done as I want to!

Ella helped write a card to mail to a friend!

Dave was so late from work that we got started on dinner without him. I started with mixed veggies.  Ella ate so many. She started eating all the carrots, then green beans, then the rest.  I guess I should time dinner like that more often and then she'd eat healthier.  Once Dave was home I was shocked how much she ate of the mac n cheese and hot dogs.  Dinner was so late that it was practically 8:30 by this time.

We hung out a bit and read and then bedtime. Ella was up until 9:45.  Then Dave and I watched Bachelor in Paradise.  Then I watched Netflix. I wasn't tired at all and kept watching. I was up past 3:30. I finished Breakout Kings. It was a good show but it ended poorly. Then I did some research and it was cancelled after the last show aired and they thought they'd have another season. That's 2 shows on A&E that this happened to me after watching. I need to do some better research. Well I don't want to ruin the show, so maybe I'll just have a friend research for me if I should watch something or not.

This card is for Julie.


  1. Aww I loved my card! Thank you Ella! :) I also can't believe you stayed up till 3:30.

    1. Yes 3:30 is way late! I regretted it.

      I'm glad you liked it.