Sunday, December 6, 2015


We had some time to kill before Music Makers so we went to the park.  We had time to kill since I wasn't running. I really wanted to run so I needed to do something else to distract me.

Of course Ella had her hat and her purse.

She had fun running around, playing, and climbing.

I guess she spun too.

Then we went to Music Makers. This was at a different church and had different songs. I only knew 1 of the songs!
There was some playing and eating after.

Once playing was done, we went to Marie's to hang out and have lunch there.

My fit bit arrived!
I made spaghetti for dinner. We had spaghetti sandwiches. Ella was quite messy. I had her eat topless (so no pics of her) so then her clothes didn't get ruined.


  1. You have totally converted me to spaghetti sandwiches. They're so good!

    1. Wait you never had one before you saw me doing it?

      Have you tried spaghetti sandwich with toast? It's quite good but you can't mold the bread as well so it's extra messy. For some reason light wheat toast (with butter) and spaghetti is so amazing.

    2. See I was always using toast. I think it's best that way. Then the bread doesn't get as soggy.

      And nope I never thought to eat it as a sandwich till I saw you do it!

    3. Sometimes I'm too lazy or busy to get the toast made. Sometimes bread is better if the pasta already has sauce on it and has too much then the bread helps soak it up.