Thursday, December 10, 2015


Ella woke up at 7. She had wanted to sleep in panties versus a pullup so I went in right away when I first heard her. She was still lying down but she had peed. She was not happy I made her get up. She didn't care about the pee.

We went to Train Days near 10. Ella got so tired from all the trains.

Ella was afraid of the trains at first but then she warmed up.

After we left the museum we were going to go to lunch. We parked and I told Ella we were going to lunch and asked if it was ok; she shook her head.  After further questioning she did not want to go to lunch and wanted to go home and nap. I was shocked she admitted to wanting to nap.  Dave went in to get take-out and I gave her snacks from my purse so she got some food in her stomach.

She napped 4 hours!

We went to Magic Bridge Playground. Ella had so much fun. She aged so much. She rode on the merry-go-round herself. She did all kinds of stuff herself.  She did the huge slides.

We stopped for ice cream on the way home. I don't think it was worth the cost. Ella sure loved it. She couldn't handle only taking a bit of mine while I held the cone. She was flipping out so I just asked for a bowl and then a spoon. That made it easier.  I feel like I barely got any.   It was pretty late by this point so we got KFC on the way home. Nothing like ice cream as an appetizer!

Ella went to sleep and we started a movie. I was falling asleep. We stopped it to watch Big Brother. Then we started another show and I fell asleep before the "previously on" was even over.

 Train days on the same date 2 years in a row!


  1. Aw this seems like a fun family day. We have that same toy broom, and Parker likes it. I know how you feel having to share food and not getting much.

    1. It was fun!
      I have also given that broom as a gift.
      Life of a mom... No food