Monday, December 7, 2015


 Getting ready for the day

We dropped Daddy off at work.
We were shopping at Target. I was holding Ella and it was going to be quick. Then she wanted to walk and held my hand. That was OK. Then she saw a girl with a cart. Ella went over wanting it and the other girl got scared of Ella and gave it up. The mom swooped her up and ran back to their cart. She thanked me and got her daughter in the cart. She said her daughter had been pushing it for a half hour!
Ella tried to do some shopping.  Our trip was lasting longer than it should have.

 Then Ella found these owl garbage cans.
 They had 2 left and she got them both down.
 Then she worked hard to get them both in the shopping cart.

She was so proud and started to leave the aisle.  Too bad I rained on that parade taking the garbage cans and putting them back.
I did buy Ella a watch. That's why we went.  Except I got to the car and pulled the pin out and it didn't work. We had to go back in and exchange it. I need to put some new holes in it. Ella needs a kid watch that fits.

Ella is helping me take containers to recycling.

 lunch time

She's showing off her sticker for going potty
 Then we are off to preschool.

 Ella is doing the art project.
She loved painting the glue. She didn't want to put the paper on top of it. (I have more pictures but they show other kids so I'm not including them.)

Ella is doing playdough with her friend Logan.

I was in charge of indoor cleanup so I had to vacuum. Ella really wanted to help. We took longer than we should have to vacuum!

 Here's Ella's completed art project.

The rest of the day must not have been interesting.   Ella went to sleep at 9:30 but I only had a couple not good pictures from the entire evening.


  1. What a fun day! I love the sunglasses pictures. And her pushing the cart. Too cute her trying to put the owl cans in the cart haha.

    1. She is a cutie! She loves sunglasses but so far only wants to ear them inside! She loved those owl cans so much she wanted two! And I didn't get them for her!