Wednesday, December 30, 2015


 We went to the park in the morning.

We met one of Ella's friends there.
You have to watch Ella with babies because she says "eyes" then tries to touch their eyes.

I can't believe how good Ella is at eating sandwiches.

For dinner we went to Pizza My Heart. Ella's preschool was having a fundraiser. Ella got to make her own pizza.  She put on the cheese but ate half. Then she put on the pineapple and ate half again.

 We were explaining to her how her pizza was cooking then she'd get to eat it.

I've never seen her eat pizza so good. She loved it. I thinks he was proud because she made it.


  1. Do you always get to make your own pizza at that place? I've never heard of this. That's cool though.

    1. Kids get to make their own on Tuesdays. We have never done it before. I remember before Ella we went on a Tuesday and it was so crowded and loud that we said never to go there again on a Tuesday until we had kids. We thought we could take Ella there before she could eat but her noise would be masked with all the kids. We never did that though.

      You get to pick toppings and you can pick multiple toppings but we started Ella out small with just 1.