Wednesday, December 23, 2015


 I ran with Beth in the morning and then Ella and Gio played briefly after.

 Ella wanted her hair in pigtails. Her hair was wet when they went up so they look slightly different than normal.

 We went to Seven Seas Park to a meetup.
 Ella loved 1 month old Paige.

 She also like Michael.  She really likes babies.  She is trying to share with them too. You have to watch. She tried to feed both of them raisins.

 We met Dave and ate at Google for lunch.

 Then there was some hanging out afterwards in the chairs outside at Ella's request.

 I put in a third ponytail. I think she wanted it. It shows her receding hairline.

 Wet hair when ponytails go up make your hair all crimped when they come out!

 I really needed to get something done so I let Ella play with my post-it pen. She used all the post-its.
 Ella likes to pretend she's a cat and lie in the cat bed.

 Clara came over for a little playing.

 Look at them look at each other. They love it.

 This hug out here was unprompted. They were looking at a plane then decided to hug. I was far away with a telephoto lens.


  1. Her lying in the cat bed is too funny. She needs a baby of her own to play with ;)

    1. She is funny.
      She seems to think she does.

      Since I'm month's behind I'll post the story here but it will be on the blog later.

      We were practicing with her that when Santa asks her what she wants for Christmas she says toys. So she kept repeating toys. So then Dave said ok for practice. "Little girl, what do you want for Christmas?" Ella said "baby."