Thursday, December 24, 2015


We took Dave to work and went right to Hidden Villa for Ella's field trip.

Immediately after that I picked Clara up.  I didn't even go home first.   A crib transfer did not work since Clara was here.  Then Ella never napped. Clara napped 1:30-3 so that was good.

We played, went to the park, watched Curious George, colored, and played outside.  It was a tiring day for me. Ella was so tired too with her lack of nap.

Clara was so behaved. If Ella would have napped it would have been so much better.  When I put Clara in the pack n play, Ella was crying and sad. We had to go in and say goodnight to her. This made Clara upset. Then Ella was freaking out a lot and finally I just got her and she didn't nap.   Ella broke into the master bedroom a few times to see Clara. Broke into just means opened the door. Once she went in and then said "shhh" because Clara was sleeping.

We got Pizza Hut for dinner. I wouldn't go pick Dave up because I wasn't going to put Ella in the car.  She was awake until 8:30. That surprised me.    Dave and I watched some TV then went to bed.

I went to watch Netflix in bed but I woke up at 4 am to take the headphones out and never even got the show started on my iPad.

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