Tuesday, January 19, 2016


I had to wake Ella up so that we could go run at 9. We were a little late because Ella had a fit about wearing shoes. She didn't want to wear any.  Dave was home sick with an upset stomach.

We ran 3 miles and walked the rest.  Christina and I ran the entire thing and we met Kate after we turned around. We didn't know she was coming.

At the park, Ella usually plays a lot but this time she just wanted to eat and eat. Since she didn't want to wear shoes, she was barefoot at the park. She didn't really like how sand was on her feet.

Ella had a cupcake. It was a S'mores one from Sprinkles. It was a few days old but Ella didn't mind. She had a ton of fun.

Ella was tired. We put her in her crib to nap but that did not happen. We watched some TV while she was in her crib. After an hour and a half, we got her. There's no way she'd nap after that long. She wasn't even crying besides about a minute of it.

Since Ella didn't nap, we went to a park meetup in the afternoon.  Ella was good until she really wanted to drink some other kid's water and then she banged her head off my lip in a temper tantrum. It hurt so bad.  She cried a lot so we left. Then everyone left. I felt bad causing everyone to leave.

We had leftovers for dinner. Ella didn't even go to sleep early.


  1. I remember reading on facebook about her hurting your lip. Those kids' heads are so hard! Same thing has happened to me too. It's no fun.

    1. At least this wasn't like the black eye I got from her. Hours passed and my lip wasn't even swollen