Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Maternity Photos Take 2 (8.24.16)

Even though I already had maternity photos taken, I was a little disappointed that I did not get to take many in the red dress and that I did not have a single full body shot in the red dress.  My very nice friend Angie, offered to take some of me. I was going to take some of her the same day but then she didn't feel like doing her hair so I got 45 minutes of photos of me instead of half that.
I did some photo editing and cropping and made an album of my favorites. There's also an album of almost all the originals with all my edits. I would save various versions just in case I made it worse and also most edits started in picasa then I'd open photoshop and do more.
I had made a google doc of 4 poses I wanted to make sure we captured. The first one was leaning against a tree. The second was just a full body shot that included shoes.  The third was sitting on the ground but then I didn't want to sit in the wet grass. The fourth was a shadow shot but then it was overcast until the last couple minutes so I didn't do the last one.
People don't usually take maternity photos 11 days before their due date. You look a lot bigger. My ankles were swollen. But I wanted more so I did it. I had some photos taken a month ago too and those were a little later than most do too.
I can't get over how huge I look sitting down!

I made a few collages to show the different between straight out of the camera and my edits. Some edits I got a little carried away with. Like I took the blemishes out of the wall that I was standing against! I don't usually edit photos but Ella was at school and once i started, I could not stop!
Sometimes I didn't even notice the edits so much until I did a comparison collage.
Look here I edited out the guy in the background!

I edited out the garbage can lid here!

I got a lot of photos for about 45 minutes of taking pictures!

Do you have a favorite one?

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